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About Cox Petrol

The Cox Petrol retail gasoline concept was brought to market in January 2012 to provide the absolute best possible fueling experience to consumers by continuously introducing unique, innovative features and services at the fuel pump.

Cox Petrol is part of Metis Group, LLC, a commodity sourcing and trading company founded in 2009 that specializes in negotiating, brokering and financing fuel and energy trades. The experience gained over the years through extensive interaction with refineries, fuel marketers and traders led the company to form Cox Petrol in order to improve the gasoline-buying experience for both consumers and independent gas station owners.

Metis Group, LLC was founded and is owned by Metis Resources, LLC, a commodity futures company that provides risk management through premium futures brokerage services to institutional and commercial hedgers since 2003.  

Cox Petrol is also an extension of the Cox oil companies, which have a proven track record of over 100 years of operating oil and gas fields throughout North America and the Gulf of Mexico. 

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